Keep Your Home Warm and Energy Efficient

You can put on a sweater when you are chilly, but when your home gets chilly…that’s a really big sweater! So, how do you keep your home warm? You do this the same way you keep a person warm.

Now, think about that oversized cozy, woolly sweater as insulation. Regardless of the part of the country you live, having the proper R-value of insulation is known to be of great importance. Insulation can be said to be the protective layer between your home and its elements. All exterior walls of a home should be properly insulated. In case you have a room above your garage or in an attic, these are the two places most homeowners commonly overlook for insulation.

It is said that a greater amount of heat is lost through the head, so you shouldn’t forget your hat, but home-wise, don’t forget your roof! Not only does the roof keep rain away; it also prevents rising warm air in your home from escaping outside. Most of the heat stays inside your home and your furnace shouldn’t work so hard so as to keep a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

There is no way you’ll get warm if you are wearing a sweater with so many holes during winter. Similarly, your home can’t get warm if there tiny gaps are present around doors and windows allowing for the exit of warm air out and entry of cold air.

  • Place your hand on the edges of your windows and doors to check if there is any air leaking in and/or out of your home.
  • Frosty or foggy windows are obvious signs that the cold air outside is leaking into the room through the tiny openings around your windows.
  • Put an elastic gasket at the back of the light switches and cover plates of the electrical outlet on the exterior walls to minimize or eliminate loss of warm air.
  • A thermostat that is programmable may be your best option in an extremely cold weather. All you have to do is to program it to the temperature you desire at your desired time and the thermostat will be up and running doing all the work for you. Set the thermostat to your ideal temperature whenever you are at home and awake, and make sure you set it back when you are away from home or asleep.
  • Disregard your existing settings when you have friends or family over— especially if you’ll be making a big dinner in your oven.
  • Take turns to host games nights or potluck dinners with your friends for an amazing way of reducing the energy usage in your home, even if it’s for a night.

So many things are available that you can do to highlight those sources of cold that are entering your home and how to keep your home warm when the winter arrives.